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Abby Twyman, Clinical Director | Phoenix, AZ

Why did you choose a career with Trumpet?

When I first started working with TBH, I was in private practice and came in on a temporary contract while the CD was on maternity leave. I quickly fell in love with TBH for a few different reasons.

First and most importantly was the culture; I have worked at different organizations throughout my career and the lack of a positive culture, and the negative impact on morale and productivity, was evident from the start. From the moment I started at TBH I was enveloped in a happy, positive, proactive culture which puts a huge emphasis on creating an environment that people LOVE!!

Second, was the strong community and emphasis on professional development. Being in private practice, I had my core group of colleagues with whom I could consult on difficult cases, but it was still relatively isolating. The level of commitment to building a community of professionals who work closely together while being thousands of miles apart and a focus on building the skills of all its employees through numerous professional development opportunities was so amazing!

Third was the fact that TBH embodies ABA practices through every fiber of its being. As a behavior analyst, I was always baffled when organizations which provided ABA services didn’t employ ABA-based practices in its training, supervision and general business practices. The fact that this organization lives and breathes behavior analysis made it a no-brainer for me to join TBH full time… that, and the fact that Dr. Seller’s asked if I was ready to marry TBH when my contract was about to end!! I said “I DO” and it was the best decision of my career! We’ve been happily married ever since… 3.5 years and counting!

What do you like most about working at Trumpet?
My team and the amazing work they do every day to improve the lives of our clients. I work with such a talented group of individuals who dedicate their lives to our clients. They work so hard to identify what needs to be done to address the needs of the clients and their families, and they are extremely successful at what they do. There’s never a challenge too great for my team… they always approach a challenge as a new opportunity to use their amazing problem solving skills to find a solution!

How does Trumpet help you further your profession in the field of ABA therapy?
When I decided to go back to school to pursue my BCBA, I knew that I wanted to be the leader of an organization providing high-quality services to individuals with autism and other disabilities. I’ve always been an independent spirit so I thought I would find myself in private practice to meet that goal, but once I found TBH, I knew I had found my home. The leaders in this organization are amazing and are always focused on developing greatness in others. That is such a unique quality and one that is helping me grow as a professional every day. The amount of time, energy and resources that TBH puts into the development of others is tremendous, but the payoff from such an investment is invaluable. We’re creating a sustainable organization filled with amazing professionals who are passionate about continuing to serve the community and the organization. I’m honored to call this place home!

What keeps you motivated in your current role?
Seeing the daily progress in our clients is as reinforcing today as it was when I first started in this field. I love the fact that we are changing people’s lives and helping them meeting their fullest potential. The families we work with are also amazing. When I started in this field I knew the only way to make true, long-lasting change was to work with the families closely to empower them to do everything in their power to improve the lives of their children. From the moment they walk in the door after just receiving the diagnosis, until the day their child is ready to move on, we are a team and it’s so awesome to see the changes in their understanding of autism and their abilities to be a positive change agent for their child.

What advice would you give a prospective team member when considering a career with Trumpet?
If you’re ready to learn, grow, be inspired, and change lives every day, then this is the place for you! This isn’t just a place to work; it’s a place to grow a career. We are dedicated to the development of our team members from the day they walk in the door. From our training and supervision, to our opportunities for professional development, we put as much time and energy into improving our team members as we do into working with the kids. It’s a unique opportunity to grow personally and professionally, and you’ll be left wondering “where have you been all my life?!?”


Elizabeth LeFever, Therapist | Centennial, CO

Why did you choose a career with Trumpet?
I searched for a career that would best fit my interests and goals in my life. After earning my bachelor’s degree I heard about Applied Behavior Analysis and I was instantly interested. Trumpet offers incredible therapy in the field of ABA and I’m glad I am on the team!

What do you like most about working at Trumpet?
TBH provides a fun and engaging environment for individuals to learn and grow. I love being a part of the many accomplishments my clients make. Each day brings something new and exciting and I always leave work smiling.

How does Trumpet help you further your profession?
As a currently enrolled master’s degree student in ABA with a goal of becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, the opportunity to work at Trumpet has been a great place to apply what I am learning in class with clients. It is also amazing to work with such qualified BCBAs at Trumpet, they are a tremendous support as I further my knowledge in ABA therapy.

What keeps you motivated in your current role?
What keeps me motivated in my current role is my ultimate goal of earning my BCBA certification. Starting as a therapist in the company allows me to learn the practice of ABA and all it has to offer to each client. The feedback I receive from my supervisors on staff encourages and challenges me in my professional growth as a therapist.

What advice would you give a prospective team member when considering a career with Trumpet?
Stick with it! Trust me, it’s worth it. It is a privilege to be part of an amazing team where you are given the opportunity to impact individuals and families. And, as an added bonus, as you learn and give to others, you are equally impacted in immeasurable ways by each client.


Ashley Burkhead, Support Services Manager | Kansas City, MO

Tell us about your role at Trumpet Behavioral Health:

I'm an SSM so I get to do all the behind the scene stuff that helps our division run.

What do you like most about working at Trumpet?

There are so many things I love about TBH, but I think people (clients, parents, co-workers) are what I enjoy the most.

What is your favorite TBH core value and why?

FUN!  I think having fun helps keep us motivated on the harder days.

What keeps you motivated in your current role?

Progress and growth keeps me motivated.  Hearing about our client's progress is a rewarding feeling as well as continuing to be able to support our community.

What advice would you give a prospective team member when considering a career with Trumpet?

TBH is a great place to start or continue professional growth due to the amount of support we have on ground in the divisions as well as at the corporate level.