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Trumpet Team Members have many opportunities to get involved with research. A number of individuals within Trumpet have been adding to our applied knowledge base by publishing their research in various journals.

Our team is committed to providing the highest quality services for our consumers and an intellectually stimulating culture for our team members. To achieve these outcomes, we conduct research on intervention effectiveness when the scientific literature is unclear. Through clinical research, we strives to advance the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and to establish the most effective and efficient treatments as standard practice in our organization. By providing research opportunities to our team members, Trumpet establishes a culture that values science-based practice and creates unique professional development experiences for our exceptional employees.

Below are samples of these articles including the researcher and topic.


Team Member Topic Article
Layla Abby  Noncompliance Systematic Evaluation of Variables that Contribute to Noncompliance: A Replication and Extension
Layla Abby  Fear, Phobias Effects of Age on the Types and Severity of Excessive Fear or the Absence of Fear in Children and Young Adults with Austism
Layla Abby  Problem Behavior Behavior Problems in Individuals with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome: Population-Specific Validation of the Behavior Problem Inventory
Layla Abby  Self-employment Teaching skills related to self-employment to adults with developmental disabilities: An analog analysis
Layla Abby  Self Injurious Behavior Predictors of Self-Injurious Behavior Exhibited by Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Layla Abby  Problem Behavior Functional Analysis Outcomes and Comparison of Direct Observations and Informant Rating Scales in the Assessment of Severe Behavior Problems of Infacts and Toddlers At Risk for Developmental Delays 
Mia Caccavale Verbal Behavior Teaching "How"? Mand for Information Frames to Children with Autism
Kerry Ann Conde Autism A Review of Behavioral Foundations of Effective Autism Treatment
Kerry Ann Conde Verbal Behavior Effects of a Differential Observing Response on Intraverbal Performance of Preschool Children: A Preliminary Investigation
Daniela Fazzio Discrete-Trials Teaching Evaluation of a Self-Instructional Package for Teaching Tutors to Conduct Discrete-Trials Teaching with Children with Autism
Daniela Fazzio Discrete-Trials Teaching Instructing university students to conduct discrete-trials teaching with children with autism. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Daniela Fazzio Discrete-Trials Teaching Instructing individuals to deliver discrete-trials teaching to children with autism spectrum disorders: A review. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Linda LeBlanc Naturalistic Teaching Using NLP with Older Adults with Cognitive Impairments
Linda LeBlanc Problem Behavior Function-Based Treatments for Escape-Maintained Problem Behavior
Linda LeBlanc Video Modeling An Evaluation of Preference for Video and In-vivo Modeling
Andrea Reavis Social Interaction Direct Assessment of Preferences for Social Interactions in Children with Autism
Andrea Reavis Preference Assessment Correspondence Between Single Versus Daily Preference Assessment Outcomes and Reinforcer Efficacy Under Progressive-Ratio Schedules
Andrea Reavis Functional Analysis The Effects of Conducting a Functional Analysis on Problem Behavior in Other Settings
Amber Valentino Problem Behavior Differential Reinforcement With and Without Blocking as Treatment for Elopement
Amber Valentino Verbal Behavior Acquisition of Mands, Tacts, and Intraverbals Through Sign Exposure in an Individual With Autism
Amber Valentino Verbal Behavior Comparing the Effects of Echoic Prompts and Echoic Prompts Plus Modeled Prompts on Intraverbal Behavior
Amber Valentino Verbal Behavior Decreasing Echolalia of the Instruction 'Say' Through the Use of the Cues, Pause, Point Procedure
Amber Valentino Verbal Behavior Teaching a Child with Autism How to Mand for Information Using 'How'
Amber Valentino Verbal Behavior Teaching Children with Autism to Request Information
Amber Valentino Verbal Behavior  Mands for Information Using "How" Under EO-Absent and EO-Present Conditions
Amber Valentino Verbal Behavior Mands for Information using "Who?" and "Which?" in the Presence of Establishing and Abolishing Operations